Sealand’s New Seaplane

We at Sealand Flight are happy to open the door to a whole new world of aviation with our recently acquired Cessna 172 on floats, C-FSTY.

Being able to land and takeoff on any safe and suitable water surface tremendously expands a pilot’s possibilities, and engages one’s sense of wonder and exploration, in a totally new element.

In addition to the requirements outlined by Transport Canada in C.A.R. 421.38, our new Seaplane Rating course provides licensed pilots with the practical knowledge and skills to safely and comfortably aviate, and navigate, the world by water.

Our local oceanic conditions, along with the many lakes surround Campbell River, B.C., provide optimal training conditions to assure the mastery of the seaplane class of airplanes. Immerse yourself in a new stream of aviation and see our Seaplane Rating page for more information.