Sealand Flight Ltd.

Established in 2014, Sealand Flight is a Flight Training School based in Campbell River, now operating three sub-base flying schools in Powell River, Courtenay, and Qualicum Beach. We offer flight lessons and ground school programs towards both your Private Pilot Licence and Commercial Pilot Licence, as well as a variety of other ratings and aircraft rentals. In addition to pilot training on both landplanes and seaplanes, Sealand Flight owns and operates BC Air, offering Flight Seeing anywhere around Vancouver Island and Airplane Chartering anywhere in B.C.

Ground School Going Virtual

During this time of world-wide social distancing, Sealand Flight has taken the stance of providing everything we can to safely allow learning and piloting progression to continue. This is why we have chosen to bring our top tier Privet Pilot Licence ground school course into the online world.

Designed specifically to prepare students for Transport Canada’s written examination, and for real life flying, this nine-week long course is taught by a certified flight instructor, in real time, through online video conference calling software, no pre-recorded videos.

If you are looking to further your student pilot training from the comfort of your own home, now is the perfect time to satisfy your PPL ground school requirements with Sealand Flight.

Classes will be three hours every Monday and Thursday evening for 9 weeks. Classes begin April 27th. Please contact us for more information.

A Continual Commitment to Safety

In these challenging times, all of us here at Sealand Flight have been closely monitoring the advance of COVID-19 with the intention of providing flight training for our students until it is no longer safe to do so. With the increases in infection rates on the Island, as of March 22 dual flight training is no longer safe for our pilots, our students and our community.

We will continue to allow some solo flights and offer aircraft rentals for licenced pilots.

We will continue to provide charter services to transport freight and supplies and provide emergency services, as well as do aerial work and fire patrols. We will not carry passengers except under exceptional circumstances.

We are very disappointed that careers and plans are being put on hold, but no matter how much we disinfect the aircraft and ourselves, we are unable to follow the two meter “social distancing” rule in our aircraft.

Our primary purpose for operating Sealand Flight is to promote aviation in our communities. To that end we have established bases in Campbell River, Powell River, Courtenay and Qualicum Beach.

We have been training pilots at all our bases and have been gratified to see more and more of our students become licenced pilots, get commercial licences, night ratings, float ratings and become flight instructors. We have taken many, many people on sightseeing tours or joy rides, so that they can experience the fun of flying.

When the local logging companies asked for assistance with fire patrols, we purchased BCAir, so that we could obtain the certification needed to do aerial work such as fire patrols and charters.

We will continue to support aviation, and will be back with more courses, such as mountain flying and float flying, as soon as possible.

Sealand’s New Seaplane

We at Sealand Flight are happy to open the door to a whole new world of aviation with our recently acquired Cessna 172 on floats, C-FSTY.

Being able to land and takeoff on any safe and suitable water surface tremendously expands a pilot’s possibilities, and engages one’s sense of wonder and exploration, in a totally new element.

In addition to the requirements outlined by Transport Canada in C.A.R. 421.38, our new Seaplane Rating course provides licensed pilots with the practical knowledge and skills to safely and comfortably aviate, and navigate, the world by water.

Our local oceanic conditions, along with the many lakes surround Campbell River, B.C., provide optimal training conditions to assure the mastery of the seaplane class of airplanes. Immerse yourself in a new stream of aviation and see our Seaplane Rating page for more information.

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Come check out Sealand Flight Training. Whether you are looking for a pilots licence for the sheer joy and freedom of flight, or if you want to kick start a career as a commercial pilot, we have a course for you.

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Sealand Flight Aircraft Rental

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Sealand flight is happy to rent you an aircraft that will suite your flying needs. Whether you are looking for hours or days, we will be happy to accommodate you.

A check out is required by all pilots prior to being authorized to rent company aircraft. The check out may consist of one or more flights as required and at the discretion of the flight instructor until the rental pilot is deemed safe and competent.

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