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Aircraft Rental Information

To book a plane or acquire additional aircraft rental information call 250-895-9089.

Current Rates


Per-Hour Rate

Cessna 172 $188 on wheels
Cessna 172 — C-FJHG $178 on wheels
Instructor * $75/hr

*Instructor only required when checkout needed or during flight training.

*Instructor rate of $90/hr applies for training in a student-owned aircraft.

** All rates are for flight time. There are no surcharges. Applicable taxes are additional.

Currency Requirements

If you have not flown in the last


60*-180 days Circuit check
180-365 days Abbreviated check
365+ days Full checkout
* 30-day currency for pilots with less than 100 hours TT

Circuit Check

  1. Circuits and an Overshoot

Abbreviated Check

  1. Forced landing
  2. Stall
  3. Steep turn
  4. Takeoffs and landings
  5. Overshoot

Full Checkout

  1. Slow flight
  2. Stall
  3. Steep turns
  4. Forced landings
  5. Overshoot
  6. Takeoff and landings
  7. Knowledge of critical airspeeds
  8. Emergencies and abnormalities
  9. Weight and balance

Full checkout usually takes just over an hour. Abbreviated Checkout takes roughly 45 minutes. Circuit Checkout takes ½ hour. Times may vary depending on pilot ability.