Sealand Aviation – Canada’s First AMO Certified to Maintain Electric Airplanes

Our latest accomplishment in electric airplane implementation involves the inherent and ongoing process of maintaining aircraft. With the significant differences of electric aircraft, our regulators determined that our sister company and Aircraft Maintenance Organization (AMO), Sealand Aviation, requires specific certification to maintain this commercial level electric aircraft. The necessary training of our maintenance engineers and the certification of the organization are now both complete.

This certification allows Sealand Aviation to conduct routine and required maintenance on our Pipistrel Velis Electro, in its commercial aircraft capacity. It also opens up the business operation to maintain Velis Electros owned by other entities. Sealand Aviation is the first AMO in Canada to receive this type of certification, positioning the company to be a leader of electric aircraft maintenance as the market continues to grow. Our engineers are some of the first and youngest to receive their electric aircraft maintenance certification.