Hosting a Pipistrel Maintenance Course

A week of learning, collaborating, and progressing— for five days, our flight school played host to a Pipistrel Factory Maintenance Course, aiming to educate those maintaining and approving the Velis Electro in Canada. Participant’s included instructors from Pipistrel, representatives from Transport Canada, Sealand Aviation maintenance engineers, Apex Aircraft, Elibird Aero, Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre, and Brantford Flight Centre. Sealand is immensely grateful for all attendees and their contributions. Long distances were traveled and much effort was spent to make the week so successful.

The group spent two days covering classroom based knowledge of all aircraft systems and components, two days disassembling and reassembling the airplane, and a day running up the airplane to wrap it all together. Throughout the week, critical questions were answered, insight to limitations and procedures were gathered, and constructive collaboration was shared by all.

Altogether, the course served as an opportunity to gather stakeholders on-site to learn, align, and collectively envision the pathway forward. Many organizations are striving for more sustainable aviation implementation and when we can work together, the objectives become significantly more obtainable.