Float Plane Rentals

C-FBBU is ready for float flying. Pilots with float endorsements can rent the plane anytime after a quick check ride with Greg Koopman or Ian Lamont. To book a plane call 250-895-9089 or use the contact form in the side menu.

Sealand Flight can also provide seaplane endorsements in as little as 7 hours as covered in CARs 421.38. For information on the training program please check out this Publication.

Campbell River is an ideal place to fly on floats. We have lots of rivers, lakes, and salt water where you can practice your skills and get away from it all. Remember the Spit weather is almost always better than at the airport. The rental rate for our Cessna 180 on floats is surprisingly affordable: $320.00 an hour. Instructors are $50.00 an hour.

Good Flying!